A Night in Paris lol

I'm here.

So I'm going away on Monday. You have to guess where by my little piece of art on the right here. It is pretty obvious. But it's a fun game!
I need to sort out my suitcase and bag and toiletries and get my money changed. It'll be super fun. But I'm not looking forward to the coach journey.
I was up LATE last night working on designs for a band, and they should be finished by the weekend, I'll show you what I've done once they are happy with it. Not that i'm interesting or anything.

The clue for today is 'THAT'S HOT' but it isn't, because it is January.


River of Tears

So this is my first post, and it is dedicated to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's long lost love. Obviously she crys a river for him, while shaving her hair in her castle. Justin wears glasses and gloats in the background. Notice the river detail coming from Britney's eyes.

So sad...
So young...
I do want a piece of her

erm Hi!

So this is my brand new blog. For random stuff, photographs and design work.