Well Cool

Etc. Etc.

Today was a fairly uninteresting day. The weather is getting worse, which isn't a good thing. It's also becoming quite clear that some South London hooligans enjoying playing with fireworks. A worrying thought, to say the least. I did recieve my new bag (see below) and I did make good progress on the MOST DIFFICULT PROJECT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. It's amazing what an hour in the library can do to kickstart your brain into gear.

I'm also happy to report that the new Kitsune AND the new Saturdays album are equally good. I'm particuarly enjoying the La Roux/Heartsrevoultion/You Love Her Cos She's Dead songs on the Kitsune album. They're well good, innit.



Delicious new bag, direct from Kate Moross/Isomorph Records. I'm such a sucker for geometrics - especially when Kate plays with them. She's too good!

Thank you Kate!


Found on Oxford Street.


I'm watching James and the Giant Peach. The rhino has just appeared out of the clouds. It's such a weird movie, but it reminds me of my childhood a lot.

(That rhino is actually quite scary...)

In other news, I've just been contacted by one of my favourite new artists to do some design work. How exciting.

now that you got it, whatcha gunna do bout it?

Some of my family visited today. Aw, it was really sweet. But they didn't like London crowds. Personally, I think they can be fun. I just dislike people who cross roads then STOP just as they get to the other side - obviously YOU getting out of the path of a bus isn't that important. Darn tourists.

My family brought me some gifts. Posters, prints, magazines, bills, french pastries, my much adored Gwen 'Wind It Up' key and halloween sweets. Fun for the whole family. And what did I do once I got all of my gifts?

Why, I pretended to be Lara Stone of course.


In other news.



Today was Friday. It was a pretty boring Friday, in all honesty. We did have a lecture...which was boring. But the seminar was fun afterwards. It was in the canteen; and canteens always liven up the day, don't they? I need to find something that sums me up as a designer - something that influences my work. Which is like the hardest question ever. Mirrorballs? Triangles? Beepy electro music? Girls with short hair?

I also spent far too much on art-related products. Specifically those really sweet small tipped pens and boxes to contain paper. It's like hardcore porn for graphic designers. Phwoar.

Now I need to go to bed, as I'm getting a motherly visit tomorrow. Isn't that sweet?



Today, I spent far too much on books. Which is a good/bad thing, I guess. But it means I finally have this BEAUTIFUL book that I've wanted for a long time. It made me feel better about the HORRENDOUS walk through the Tate Modern. I hate that place so much. I want to produce propaganda to try and destroy it's influence.



So I've been ill the last few days, but I think it's passing now. So if you've seen me, and I've been looking particularly grotty - that's my excuse. (Although I'm generally grotty looking anyway). It's probably the reason you've caught a cold if you bought a zine from me yesterday. Free influenza for everybody.

Today we went for another walk around London, which is my new favourite activity. I tried to find Secret Invasion 7 in Forbidden Planet, but they had sold out.


On a more positive note though, we did see ANOTHER Bollywood film being...filmed in Trafalgar Square. The dancing was superb, it was like being in Benny Lava or something.


End of project photography fun. Thank you to everybody who bought the zine!



Material Girl

She obviously knew I was coming, the walking piece of inspiration.


Some recent stuff for you to look at.


(That last one isn't even recent. But I found it the other day and like how retro it is! Yeah!)


So I'm dusting this little beauty off again.

Hello little beauty.

Quite a long of things have happened since I was last on here. (Actually, not that much). But I have moved, which is a good thing! I'm now living the high life in London town with all the 'slebs and homeless people. It's very fun here, but it's expensive. And sometimes waiting for the bus at Elephant and Castle can get a bit frustrating. But other than that, it's good!

I'm here to study, so maybe I'll use this thing to get some of my work online. I'm trying to get my own website, but I'm far far far too lazy to do anything about it.

That's about it.