I have returned from Paris. It was nice. I'm tres chic now. A list of things I did.

1. Walked along the Champs Elysee in the cold/rain.
2. Enjoyed the Pompidou - one of the first contemporary galleries I've actually liked.
3. Went to the top top top of the Eiffel Tower, with about 30 Birmingham school girls.
4. Disneyland Paris, of course. Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, of course.
5. Climbed through Montmartre to the Sacre Coeur.
6. Had a fantastic time.



Could you ever imagine a sadder situation for a poor ladybird to die in? :(
I didn't do this, it must have been a fatal accident with one of my flatmates. It was quite distressing to find one morning. Burnt to a crisp on our festering oven hob.
A little dotty corpse.

RIP, Ladybird.


Character study. For my comic book creations. I'm just a total geek like that.


Do you like this? I think I like it. I think I might get it printed large and plastered all over my face or something, to show off my "TALENT"*.

Or you could just offer to buy a print, something like that.


*"TALENT" = nothing



Today was very sunny! I enjoyed it alot. I walked around and spent far too much money, but overall - the sun was nice, wasn't it!?!?11eleven.

I found this photo HILARIOUS. Simply because I wish I was Emma Frost as much as this woman does. I want to share her costume, I think it would fit me.

Final VCT lecture of the term ahoy!

Into each life some rain must fall
I didn't know I would catch it all
The clear skies have gone
And you with them too
It's not the same now without you
I used to say you're so beautiful
But it didn't change a thing at all
There's nowhere to run
Got nowhere to hide
I can't forget you and I've tried, but...

Into each life some sun must shine
Well someone else must be getting mine
The days are so empty
Night's are so long
Awaking to find again that you've gone
I used to say you were wonderful
Now I just wonder where you are
It's easy to say memories fade
But I'm still missing you
Nothing's changed ... and

Summer is over
And all we are is apart
The nights are so cold now
Without you in my heart

I'm a deeper shade of blue
And there's nothing I can do
You're so far, far away
Yeah, I'm a darker shade of me
And I just can't be free
You're so far, far away
You're so far away


Triangles and other shapes. Dream come true.