lasers. check. glo-sticks. check. drugs. check. let's go see crystal castles!!!!1!!eleven

ek ek ek

"woman with some pattern on her face and pretending to shoot herself"



message of the day

from andrew beedle's mouth.

Print Stink

So my final project is getting printed. Now I need to build and mount. Are you happy for me? I think you should be. I was really stressed about not finishing. But now I'm on track.
swaying in the windddddd
. creepy.

green space

sex education

I've been off doing my final projects. And generally being too lazy to write anything in my blog, so I want to restart it for summer. Summertime, guys! The birds and the bees is a bit of my final project. I liked the animation, but I'm not sure it works on here? Anyway. That is all.