Poster Wall. (Side 1)

I've always loved Kelis. I love her still.

Alejandro, the next promo video from Gaga, is supposedly being directed by Steven Klein. As these are two of my favourite creatives in the industry right now - I'm incredibly happy. It's the most perfect match; the song suits Klein's work perfectly. The examples above prove this.

I have a huge smile on my face right now. :)
Jewel - Carly Waito . It's a painting.
Spring is finally here. I'm so thankful. The grimness of Winter was really starting to get to me. I'm not exactly a sun worshipper - but having a little bit of light during the day certainly makes everything more enjoyable.
Why not make something random? It's Friday night.
Wonderland is always beautiful.
Top left, please. Thanks.

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Jorn Kaspuhl
Lara Stone will always be beautiful, don't you think? But seriously, Vogue UK? You need a kick up the backside.

This is what I had for breakfast on Saturday morning. Since then, I've found it hard not to think about eating it again. And again. And again. I really am a fat American lumberjack at heart. (I wish)

MONSTERZINE is a new project that I'm curating. The publication is a celebration of the Haus of Gaga - devoted to their visual arts. It's time for open submissions, so get involved. Due to a huge response, I might be making this a regular part of my design work.
Mat Collishaw


Poster Designing.

Why Do You Love Me?

I remember loving this song when I left school, then I forgot about it. I'm so happy Youtube is in my life. And I can never get enough of Sophie Muller's videos.

Robyn 2010

Have you heard the recent Robyn track previews? The Röyksopp collaboration blows my mind, even thought it's a few seconds. Dancing on my Own, also. Sad Disco has always been my true love. They are outstanding. It makes her album look like a new beacon for 2010. Gaga has taken over in the recent months, but Robyn could steal back some of my attention. I could definitely marry Robyn. Especially because I like Robyn's hair much more than Gaga.

Sorry, it's true.

Rock Bird

I'm going to see this tonight. I'm very excited. It makes me happy to be alive.

Little Monsters

So, me and my friends went to see Lady Gaga a few weekends back. It was amazing, as expected. I've become a total obsessive with this woman in just over a year. At first, I was skeptical, but now, I am in love. The show was incredible - the sign of a true artist at work. Anybody with an issue with her really needs to pay more attention - she isn't just another pop starlet.

"They are the kings, they are the queens, they write the history of the kingdom. And I am something of a devoted jester."



I seem to do this every few months. I have a sudden urge to blog about everything and anything - then I seem to forget about it all together. It's now March, and I haven't blogged since October. I think that's pretty dire.

Let's see how I can last this time around.