This photo makes me miss home. I like the way the fog covers up half of the town. Isn't it pretty?


Another typeface, although I'm not as excited with this one as my first one. It was based on a vector of a girl doing a handstand type thing. I might try and develop it, or I might just keep it like this. Depends on how lazy I am.

Fragmented Narratives

I've spent a few days working on this typeface. I'm very excited about trying it out on some posters, or in different formats. I just have a fetish for posters with abstract messages.


By the way, if you need it - ServicePoint has moved - it's somewhere near Bermondsey now, in case you go looking for it. I found out the hard way, in the pouring rain. Tsk tsk.


I lost my connection :(

It was a sign that the whole experiment was failing big time.



Anpassa Firefox med gratis tillägg. Lägg till allt möjligt från väderprognoser till musikspelare.

What language is that? I love / hate it when the computer gets interferance from somewhere else. I think this is train is Swedish or something. Flatpack?


I'm crying with laughter inside.

An asian girl eating beef jerky. I don't know why it is funny.

She has a fierce green bowler hat on though.


You can read me like a paperback, baby.

They only want you if you're a superstar.

I don't like me, something's wrong.

I turned to the door but you were already gone.

We want to. To free you, to free you from this town.

This city will break you down.



A glance from across the table.
> Do I smell?


Doncaster. Hello Doncaster.

Facebook just made me type 'Roy / Joanna'. I think I might be being used as their new matchmaking service. 'Lindsay / Samantha' 'Lady Gaga / Andrew Beedle'

This is quite boring, isn't it?

But I do like this YYY's song. It's a bit gruesome though. All about heads getting chopped off and rolling around the floor. But it has the line 'GLITTER ON THE WET STREETS' and also 'DRIPPING WITH ALCHEMY' - which in my humble opinion, makes it an instant win.

This is pretty much just like talking to myself, isn't it? I hope a psychologist reads it and studies my mind - I'd love some free treatment.

BTW, the ticket woman is fierce. She's about 8 foot tall with a short, dramatic bob. I'm going to model scout her and make her famous.

Where am I?

I'm currently on a train, hurtling through the Yorkshire countryside.

I'm going to do a rundown of all that happens during the whole/some of the trip - depending on how bored I get. Inspired by that thing I saw in the Baltic last summer.

It's 19.20. Some girl gave me a weird look and then wandered off to the buffet car.
She must have saw me and thought of food; decided to get fat and waddled off.

It's cold though. The train keeps going through fog, then sun, then fog.

There are some big chimneys on the left. There are some on the right as well; I've passed these many a time. I remember passing them when we got the coach to Paris last January - when the driver and his gay lover decided to ditch us for somebody more straight. (I presume).

That girl just came back. That was very fast. Good service, perhaps? Or she just had a pile of food pre ordered.

The Royksopp album has finished. Let me change it.

It's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs now.

End of Transmission one, I think.


Today I've had the worst day of travelling ever. I want to explain it, so everybody can share in my pain. I had to get from South London back home to the North East.


I had to wait 20 minutes for my bus to get from my flat to the Tube station.

I then arrived at Borough station, only to be told the elevators were broken (with people inside) so I had to drag my suitcase down 10000 stairs.

Once I got onto the tube, the driver told everybody there was a signal failure at the next station, so we would be sat waiting. (and because the elevators were broken, there was no easy way to get back out of the tube).

20 minutes later...

We slowly set off for London Bridge after a few tests of the emergency brakes.

At Bank, the driver had a torrent of abuse to hurl at a suit who was tapping his watch for being late.

By this time, I was 10 minutes away from missing my train home. :(

I then ran for the train, surely knocking a few slow moving tourists out of the way. I managed to catch the train, and I was looking forward to relaxing for a few hours.


The train was totally packed out. There was nowhere to leave my suitcase, so I had to stand with it in the middle of the train; despite having a seat reservation.

Eventually, I found a place for my suitcase and went to find my seat; only to find a man and his wife sat in my spot. I politely asked them to move, but I was nearly impaled on their sharp gaze. I was then moved along by a rude rubbishman.

I then had to go back to my standing spot, after tuts from the women already sat down.

I was then told the train had to stop in York because of a 'coach malfunction' and I'd have to take a connecting train AND THEN a taxi for another hour.

Nearly 3 hours stood on a train which wasn't even the right destination.

Not a good day at all. But now I'm home, so it's all nice.

I'd just like to thank the delightfully helpful people I met on my journey. The Grand Central Train staff for being incredibly rude to a paying customer, the man sat in his INFORMATION box at York who blasted me for asking for INFORMATION; and of course the delightfully rude woman on the Cross Country service from York to Darlington who wouldn't help me with some basic information.





You might have saw the HUGE media interest in London this week; due to the G20 meeting and the 'violent' protests in the city. (Although some guys on the bus assured me it was very much a peaceful protest until the police started getting jumpy)


I was on the news. ITV News, to be exact. Waving away in the background. This is my photographic evidence. Please see above.