As part of a new project, we headed down into this abandoned WW2 bunker in North London. The place had been flooded over the years, and was still pretty wet. It was an intense experience. Part of history and all that.


Assessment table. I took up far too much room. But I'm so selfish, I don't really care. Let's all pray for good marks.



Just a little somethin' somethin' I've been working on.

Snow Update - the Sequel

This was from a day out in London. Specifically Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square. It was nice to see the city covered in snow - but at the cost of my toes. Frostbite is a nightmare. :(

Master. The Plans.

Today is yet another free day for me - which means no uni, but still plenty of work to do. Due to the fact that I'm bone idle, it'll take a lot to motivate me. Also, the fire alarm went off at 6.30 this morning. :(

I'm looking forward to getting all of my work together and seeing what I've done so far - especially the random workshop projects. So I shall go and do that now.

(I'll maybe do some washing as well)

Snow Update.

16.23 - 02/02/09


It's snowing outside, so I can't go out. I can't even get a bus. So therefore, I have cabin fever and I want to smash my window. On the plus side, the snow does LOOK nice.

I'd like to point out that I hate snow, with a passion. It's a horrible type of weather - I much prefer a good blustery day. These are some reasons I dislike it;

  1. It's just pretty rain. It still gets you wet.
  2. I'm a prime target for snowballs. I might as well wear a bullseye.
  3. I fall over far too easily when it's slippery.
  4. The snow is too deep in some places. I'll probably fall in a deep pile and never reappear.
  5. It makes your face go red.
  6. Your fingers fall off.
But I do like looking at it.