Old and fun

On my phone, that I got for Christmas. The edit feature really rivals Photoshop in terms of design potential, in my opinion. I mean, look at those stars...and the vertical type!!!11!11

Leap Day

So now what?
So now what?
I really don't know Madonna...


Please come back to No Doubt like this. Please. Please. Please. Please

Back 2 Back

So I was away, and now I'm back. (Well I've been back all week...but too lazy to post. But I'm here now!) But I don't really have anything to report I think...London was AMAZING as usual - I went to see CSS and they were incredible. Hopefully I'll be able to see them again in May. We are bezzies now.

I have no idea what the image that I've posted is supposed to represent. It is basically a nice visual FROM MY MIND. So you can interpret it however you want, I guess!



I'm in London over the weekend.
I just love it too much. I think I might marry it.
Hopefully I will get chance to go to Magma this time around.
(I love Magma too)


Try out your own Cultural DNA! It is so much fun! Mine is constantly changing - so maybe it will change on here too? I don't know! Can you guess what everything is?

I bum design. Long live Carrie Mundane and Kate Moross!!!


I didn't make this logo...or the music...or anything. I'm just a huge, huge, huge fan. I want you to go and look at his Myspace and see how AMAZING the music is.

and why not add me? :)

Fashion's Next Victim

I realise the photo is from Project Catwalk 2 - but I was too lazy to find another photo of Ms. Kelly. She was just on the Brits - and I must say that I really think she is funny. And her mother is even better. So the rundown from the Brits.

The Good
  1. The Osbournes. I really, really like them.
  2. Rihanna and Klaxons. Weird/Great combination.
  3. Rihanna's new hair = I LOVE it.
  4. Bat For Lashes being nominated for two awards
The Bad
  1. Bat for Lashes winning no awards :(
  2. Robyn not even nominated for Best International Female (WTF?)
  3. Paul McCartney. Ugh. I hate him so much
  4. Any time the Arctic Monkeys came close to being on camera
The Ugly
  1. Nobody is ugly. (Apart from Arctic Monkeys)
There is my rundown from the red carpet! (of my study. which is really a cream carpet)

Beyonce Knows

So I haven't blogged in a while. So this is a new entry. I'll give you a list of things.

  1. I've just been to Asda. The best shop in town, by far. I bought Sports Mixtures and milk. Only the most important things.
  2. I really, really love Frankmusik. I think I want to marry his music. Plus, I really want to go and see the Popjustice tour. But nobody will go with me :(
  3. Top Model is on tonight - and it's extra exciting because it's the makeovers. They are always fun and feature a lot of haircuts - so check it out guys!
  4. I need to finish my DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FLY project. I really love to wind my tutor up (like Gwen winds everything up). I love seeing him get annoyed when you question him. Try it sometime!
  5. My photography essay is nearly done. Thank god for that. Poor Diane Arbus had such a hard life (apart from being rich).
OK that's it! Hope you had a fun weekend! (The two people that actually read this!)

Picks Hell




Happy Valentine's Day. It's a disaster when you're single, isn't it! Of course not. You get time to make really bright, tacky cards like the one above. FROM ME TO YOU!

Image Wow!

Answer now! Win a Laptop!

Gwen Stefani? Of course it is. Those Harajukus are obviously drug-fuelled fantasies. By the way, if you didn't know already, I'm the biggest Gwen Stefani fan ever. I KNOW it isn't her. It's one of my best friends! The Winehouse.


Sneaking Beauty

I love having a mixed up living room, it means I can sit right in front of the TV with my feet up while I watch Tyra. I think I like the Heather girl, but I haven't decided on the others. Time will tell, I guess. But i'll probably miss my living room layout when it goes next week. NEVERMIND.

In other news, I got filmed today because i'm famous. For some informational video being sent to National Diploma courses. It was pretty funny. People are bound to mistake me for Jake Gylleennhhaall/Alan Carr. But who can mistake my horrible dog-toned voice. Nobody, that's who.

Look at the pretty picture I made! Scanner-Collage power!


tyrrraaa mailll

Tyra tonight! I'm at college writing this, how high technical!

It's the Life of Fly

This is my first idea for our crappy, crappy (crappy) new project.


And flies get eaten by spiders, so it's pretty self-explanatory. Although i'm sure this type of spider doesn't live in British bedrooms. I hope not anyway. Now that I look at it, it could easily be misinterpreted to some kind of kinky spider-sex. But only if you're sick in the head.

That is my old bedroom! From about 3 years ago. Notice how cool I was with my Chinese symbol wallpaper border and moody lighting. That's the sign of a developing designer, I think. No doubt I was watching Buffy and listening to Franz Ferdinand only moments before...sigh.

i honestly played with this thing for about an hour. I forgot how fun they are! I bought mine from the Discovery Store in Orlando in 1999. That makes it old skool.
agy eat your heart out.
book me now dazed and i-D! before TYRA gets me!


I just found this little nifty artwork for some of my comic work. Basically, this woman has just been stabbed and is trying to stop herself from releasing EVIL onto the city. It's a pretty radical story I think - and what a nice costume she has! I don't really know what is coming out of her mouth though. It's supposed to be blood...but it looks a bit dodgy if you ask me. And that is one huge knife. Thankfully, she is best friends with a superhero with a healing touch. LUCKY!

(FYI - this was totally based on a New Avengers cover featuring Dr. Strange.)

Think I'm Nuts

So it's Saturday morning! How exciting! A relaxing weekend to look forward too. Or not, if you have the worst project to look forward too. Seriously, give us something exciting.

Does anybody else feel the need to rip up ALL of their work sometime? I hope so, otherwise I think i'm nuts. (FYI search for that on youtube. You won't regret it)

To payyyyy me.

Sad Boy

It's Friday night. And I'm sat alone and bored looking at university fees and accommodation. It is really starting to take over my life. I don't think I can think about thinking about it anymore. I need some type of magical formula to solve it all.


I think I will just give up and work in Asda or something instead. I think it'll probably be much easier. With free food after I finish work, maybe? It's very tempting right now. Greedy pig.

Oink Oink!

shout out to paris

Wow! I've been back a whole week and I haven't even wrote on here!
So the piece of art above is dedicated to my Paris trip, because it was amazing. If anybody wants to take me back, that is totally cool with me.

I'm currently looking at my University choices - does anybody just want to give me a job or offer me a place straight away? It'll stop a lot of PAIN and SUFFERING.