I'm in love with a...

This song is probably my number 1 for 2009. It's so impossibly brilliant, I'm just in love with it in every single way.

Beautiful, melancholic disco.

But I'm not keen on the video :( Apart from one or two beautiful parts.


Where do I take my illustration project? :(
I'm finding it very difficult to develop something interesting - visually and conceptually. I need assistance and a sudden brainwave.

Photographic paper? Like the experiment above?


Blair Witch

A development of the '26 Machines' brief - this time looking at an application for my typeface, 'Treehugger'.

As you can see, I constructed the whole thing out of twigs that I found on the street. The twigs were dirty and riddled with bugs, so they've most likely moved into the studio now.

I tried out the OHP simply because I wanted too - and I liked the result. It doesn't really connect to anything - but it looks nice, I think.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

My new favourite advert.


I was looking at some Sally Mann/Meatyard/Robert Frank books yesterday, and after I had finished kissing them - I decided to resurrect these photos. I forgot about them, but I thought I'd present them on here. Shot in 2006?

Now, something that has been bothering me for a few weeks now.

The new(ish) shopping bags from Topshop have a very attractive pattern. When I saw it, I thought it was beautiful. I also thought something else.

Exhibit A.

Well, for my final major project last summer, I made a A1 typographic poster that I also really liked.

Exhibit B.

Is it just me, or are there some simlarites here? I don't want to accuse Topshop of stealing the design, because I don't really think they could. But I just wanted to make it known that I did something very similar; before Topshop.

Therfore I am BANG ON TREND. Perhaps even ahead of the TREND.

That is all :)