After a summer of almost relentless bleak and morbid 'DESTRUCTION' research. This video comes as a welcome break from the dark stuff. A key example of abstract narrative, whilst also looking incredibly sexy.

“In encountering Cindy Sherman’s film stills, rather than feeling closer to knowing who they ‘really’ are, we are made aware of the impossibility of grasping this essence – and thus of there being an essence to the subject at all (much less one that can be transparently rendered or represented).” (Jones, 2006, p.165)

They can't scare you, if you scare them first.

Lady Gaga

"The reader may now ask how i define womanliness or where I draw the line between genuine womanliness and the 'masquerade'. My suggestion is not, however, that there is any such difference; whether radical or superficial, they are the same thing."