No matter how much I try to enjoy the book/play/film - I know I'm going to be sick of Look Back in Anger in 4 weeks times.
I'm finally starting to get my head around this visual essay. I'm making a video piece - with plenty of words and images to appease 'the man' - and lovely transitions and type for myself. This is a screenshot.
Sammy says this looks like me. I disagree. BUT I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS.

I'm dying with happiness
I hate this visual essay.

I'm not really a person to get overly excited about politics. I think it's a rarity among the majority of people, nowadays. But now that the General Election is rearing it's head, I'm starting to take notice - and the political parties are all vying for attention.

But recently, I've become enraged with the schoolboy tactics that these parties are pulling out of the bag. Silly poster and billboard campaigns that poke fun at their rivals; sometimes down to basics such a physical appearances and petty squabbles.

This is the first time I've been able to vote in a general election, and I have to say - I am completely furious about this behaviour. With these little digs at each and everybody aiming for the soundbite that means nothing, but will still make the news; I'm sat here wondering, what the hell are they talking about? I want to know about something. I don't want to hear about what one bland middle aged man thinks about another. I want to know about why they want my vote.

I don't want to hear what one party WON'T do for me; I want to know what they WILL do for me and how they plan to do it. We're bombarded with complaints about the youth of today and how important the voting system is. So capture our attention. There isn't going to be a sudden interest overnight - do something that makes us think about your party. "Oh, THEY won't do this...Remember what THEY did to you last time."


Tell me what your aims are. Tell me what you want. Tell me everything. Shout it all over these billboard spaces you've strategically claimed. At least attempt to instill some passion in me, rather than fueling my difference and dislike for you all. Meanwhile, your bickering and indecision are pushing people further into extremism - the last thing that anybody needs. There isn't going to be an Obama. No miracle figure that will make people fight to keep their right to vote and get passionate about politics. These badly photoshopped posters are insulting.

I have no political allegiances; and if these past few weeks are anything to go by, I don't really want to ally myself with anybody. Red, blue, yellow - Primary in nature, primary in behaviour.

Rant over.

\/ Seriously, what are you going to do for me? Point out other's problems? Helpful. \/

Rewatching. Forgot how good it really is. My teenage years come back to life. Cordelia 4Ever.
Thinking about starting up another zine. Editor-fever.
Spring is here, so it's a good time for shameless photography. Here's an example.