Fire or Ice

So, I just learned today that the statues outside of Dueling Dragons have in fact been demolished to make way for Harry Bloody Potter. This really upset me. These statues were something I fondly remember from my trips to Islands of Adventure. May they rest in peace. :(

Sailor Moon

I got bored one day this week and rustled up another typeface. It's quite embarrassing how I got to this point. I was reading up on Sailor Moon - a very, VERY guilty pleasure of mine when I was about 10-11-12. I remembered how incredible the planetary symbol index is; and decided to try something out using the bold black strokes and the tasty interplay between strong angles and full circles.

I'm quite happy with the result. I'd need to really tweak it and then apply it to something to get the full effect - I was slightly concerned about it looking like a pre-installed Wingdings abomination. But I think that could be averted by the application.

the beast within

A brand new photography project with my friend! Soon will be transformed into a beautiful little publication - if I motivate myself. Hooray!


I found her in my cupboards. I love her so much. Karen, the great. She got me the A in Photography, no doubt.



Now, despite my intense Madonna love that has been occurring the past week or so (I'm sorry) - I just wanted to assure the world that I still have one true love. That is for No Doubt/Gwen Stefani. She saved me from a life of Avril Lavigne and Evanescense.

I just wish this video was released fully. ONE OF , if not the best song, from Love Angel Music Baby (tied with Danger Zone). Enjoy the clip.

What is on my Desktop

I'm cheating on Wannabree, with a sexier, newer blog.

Part of my summer project - I've decided to document what is on my desktop.

Here it is.


Despite being a big fan of The Knife - I've never really followed Karin's solo project - Fever Ray, past a sneaky download and a general appreciation for the campaign itself. After a boring day of raiding Youtube for goodies, I spotted this video.

Needless to say, I think I'll be paying a lot more attention to Fever Ray in the future; because this video is just beautiful. I'm falling in love with Scandinavia, I think.

This is my favourite Knife photo, by the way. Is it really them? I'm not sure.

Like a Virgin

As I'm back home - I decided to raid the drawers and find old photos. As you can imagine, there are quite a few horrors in there. I was a very troubled 16yo, I think.

The last photo makes me shiver.

Greatest Hits

Oh, I'm not sure. I'm just not sure.

Yes, no? I'm so confused.


While looking at Google Maps out of pure boredom, I came across my house. The map used to show the house before we moved in - but now it has been updated! Hooray!

And guess who makes an appearance! My old car - Cher. I was very happy about this, so I'm sharing it with you. Notice how she is a lovely faded pink colour, in the middle of the shot.

To the thirsty, I will give water

I cannot believe I have never come across these videos before. They are incredible. A little pretentious, maybe? BUT WHY THE HELL NOT.


Steven Klein is a new fascination for me.

Make like a tree and Leave

The best leaving present ever. Thank you.
It says 'Best Friends for Life! Long Live the Two of Us (HAHA)'



I love you so much. But the Miss Piggy references are trying to get out.

(I also love the added detail of the disco ball eyes near her chin)


Really, really, really good album. I think it's probably my favourite Madonna offering.



2. "Secret"

3. "I'd Rather Be Your Lover"

4. "Don't Stop"

5. "Inside of Me"

6. "Human Nature"

7. "Forbidden Love"

8. "Love Tried to Welcome Me"

9. "Sanctuary"

10. "Bedtime Story"

11. "Take a Bow"

All I need is Frozen, Nothing Really Matters and Erotica (You Thrill Me version, though) and I'd be set for life.

Goodbye, Cruel World

So, I'm finally moving out of my London base and back home for a few weeks. Obviously, this means I have to move ALL of my junk (of which there is alot).

So far today, I have nearly broken my back at least 5 times trying to move boxes of books and magazines; uncovered a hideous white tack stain on the carpet and also discovered piles and piles of dust.

I have also found over 60, that's right, SIXTY plastic carrier bags stuffed around my room. That isn't even counting the countless amount under my bed. Being such a keen environmentalist, I find this discovery disturbing/sickening. Of course, I will be disposing of these monsters in the nearest recycling bin.

BUT on a lighter note - during my 11 month residence in this room, I decided to collect all my toilet roll tubes. Slightly disgusting, maybe, but I was curious to see how many I did actually use.

I have accumulated over 40 toilet roll tubes! If we do the math, that is 3.64 per month (over 11 months). Which is 0.91 a week! Disgusting, yet informative. These will also be going into a recycling bin!

See you back up north!

Love Me Or Die

Because I'm totally unoriginal, I'm going to repost an old video on my new love site.

It's also in honour of my return to my homelands.



I have a new website / love interest

I just wish I had created it :(