Stroke the Bones

This is a little something I'm working on for a friend's zine. Based on a painting of a Skull. (By Damien Hirst?)

It's based on something about heroes - but I don't think I do have a hero. Everybody is skin and bone, after all. See what I've done there? Very clever!

I've just experimented with the light stroke, and I like it alot. It reminds me of those shoe typography posters that MASA did.


So as you can see, I've had a little spring/summer clean on the blog. Out with the black, in with the minimalist white. It's been that way for a long time - so I decided to shake things up a little bit.

There was also a more productive motive to this change, as I will be using this blog to document my summer as part of a university project that I will be undertaking. 101 days before the start of the second year, and I have to show what has been happening to me.

So, let summer commence.

I was totally wrong.




I think this may be my favourite song/video combination. But I can't really decide.

(That isn't a bad thing)

Kill Me

So, while wandering through Hyde Park - we stumbled upon the huge walls of Hard Rock Calling. Being the nosey northerners we are, we decided to peek through the gaps. Then, two drunks wandering up to us - and hand us their VIP passes to get inside.


After some soul searching (and some sneaky spy work on the entrance) we walked straight in, no problem, no fuss. Special VIP seats to see the KILLERS. Although they haven't been my favourite band lately, the atmosphere and the performance totally swayed me back into becoming a huge fan. They were fantastic.

If you get chance to see them - do it. Even better if you get it for free!

(The whole day was ruined when I accidentally spent £10 on 4 batteries...devastated)


So summer has officially arrived. I have finished uni for almost 3/4 months, and I'm free to enjoy the sun.

(which means flat hunting and working on summer projects. bahhhhhh)

Some things I want to achieve.
  • A Job? Perhaps even an internship at some nice place. Offers are more than welcome.
  • Construction of a portfolio and/or website to showcase my WORK.
  • Find a BEAUTIFUL flat for me to live in. With large windows and white walls, preferably.
Et Voila! Mon Ete c'est fantastique!

tu vas te brûler les doigts!

(I also want to learn French)

Man, Woman, Machine

Final pieces for illustration.

What impact does photography have on the human soul?

Originally printed on photographic paper that reacted in light - so the white became black and the human bodies were lost forever.



You have to trust me on this. This song sounds SO GOOD in the sun. Please listen to it and enjoy it.

But also remember to watch, as the video is perfection.