Delving into my cupboards at home before I move back to London - I found some pretty drawings from my teenage years. Escapism was key when I was about 13-14, I was obsessed by two things. 1. X-Men and 2. Theme Parks. I would spend hours sketching out plans for theme parks, then build them on RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (My favourite game of all time <3<3<3). I led a very, very sad teenage life...

This was my plan for 'DisneySea Spain' - at least that was what I wrote back then.

As you can see, I was quite detailed. This was only the map. I also had a detailed plan of rides, shops, places to eat and entertainment around the park. I also needed to get a life.

Here, have the list of rides that I had already had planned.

1- Tarzan's Swinger
2- Tarzan's Treehouse
3- Dock?
4- Rainforest Cafe
5- Jungle Cruise

1- The Boneyard
3- Countdown to Extinction
4- Primeval Whirl
5- Excavator

1- Jungle Trek
2- Expedition Everest
3- Mahajarah Expedition Rafts
4- Andanpur Theatre

1- a bug's land
2- It's Tough to Be a Bug
3- Pocahontas and her Forest Friends
4- Festival Forest Theatre
6- Rafiki's Planet Station

1- Kuzcotopia
2- Indiana Jones Adventure

1- Enchanted Tiki Temple
2- Journey to the Centre of the Earth
3- Kauna Loa Stage
4- Lilo's Landing



Bring it Back?

No, it's Madonna. But I love it. The tracklisting is disgraceful, though. Nothing Really Matters? :(

I was bored a few weeks ago, and decided to spruce up some of the New X-Men designs that have been lingering around since 2004-2006. I'm quite a big fan of the general group, apart from some obvious choices (Pixie? Bleurgh) Here they are, in all their scribbled glory.

Bling! - Notice how she wears a leather jacket and places her hands on her hips. This makes her full of attitude and also a (query) lesbian.
Blindfold - Introduced by Joss Whedon, she comes complete with his trademark 'Crazy Ramblings'. I do like that she has no eyes, and I liked that Young X-Men sexed her up.
Anole - His surly attitude in this picture was accidental - I know that he's normally quite cheerful. This is because he is GAY.
Surge - I always liked her 3/4 ghetto pants and boob tube. She just needs a good shake up in the hair department, I think.
Dust - You cannot change this design. Mainly because it's beautiful, a little bit because she's only got one 'look'
Hellion - Is he a jock? Is he more emo? I decided on a longer hairstyle, but I want to keep his ass of a personality and Hellfire inspired red get-up.
Rockslide - I just adore his green New X-Men uniform. I love the grey/green combo. I was tempted to switch back the Limbo magma look - but I think we'll leave that to Amara.
Trance - I love Trance. I want her to become the first fully fledged coward X-Man. I decided to give her a frisky mini-skirt, but I think this could be changed back to tights.

Mercury - Poor girl, she isn't happy with her mutation. But I want her to show it off. I think she should end up with some Speedo-inspired costume. But for now, it's more restrained.


My three favourite parts of the Celebration advert. There are many more - but they are 'movement' favourites - these are just stills. I love the paint theme.


I've got myself a new flat! I thought I'd lost my photos, but I didn't! So here is the view from the balcony/lounge/my bedroom. I'm very pleased with it. I love the little Gherkin in the distance.

Found Object

Lovely. Beautiful. Delightful. Mysterious. Creepy. Strange. Pool.

Cat Lady

Another type experiment. This time based very much in the world of illustration and cats. Some of the letterforms are very, very wrong - so maybe some adjustments. But there are only so many positions you can put a cat in before it breaks. (Old Japanese saying).


If I ever needed another reason to love disco, I think this woman would be it. She basically does what I do every single day, just on Youtube. Even her profile makes me happy.

About Me:
...I have no ethnicity or age, I don't have pride of any country with imaginary borders, I have no religion, only you see the color of my skin, my flag doesn't wave, extraterrestrials are also my brothers, I know that all creatures with different sexual preferences that inhabit this Earth or other planes have a right to exist happily without ridicule, prejudice, and exemption from others privileges, I believe a life should not be taken by another, even under the guise of punishment or war. I am made of love and so is everyone else. The only thing that we all need to do is FORGIVE........DC

Tengobaila, you have my love.


I have a new place to live! Hooray. This is the view from the lounge/balcony.
I also have the same view in my room. I'm very happy. <3

That's the Gherkin!

I Love Him, I Love Him

My love continues to grow.


Two Cats.

Sunday Morning

It may be Friday afternoon, but you can still enjoy this slice of pure No Doubt deliciousness.


A new typeface idea. I'm trying to attempt a different 'style' for my work, just to give me a little bit of range. I'm a bit too much of a flat, 2-d earthy kind - so I'm trying to break away from that for a little bit. Even just to experiment and realise that I hate anything else.

But here we go, a slick(ish) pinkish type based on geometric shapes - that I've adapted from an earlier piece of type work. I'm not sure how much I like it, or if I do at all. It could be a bit too 'something*' for my tastes. Maybe it needs an application...

* something = I don't know what word to use



"Self obsession is a sin, but self promotion is a necessity."

My new Facebook Group is up and running! Ideally set up to try and gather up some interest for commissions and collaborations, I'll just have to see how it all plays out. If you haven't already - please join!


I haven't died. I've just been in London looking for a flat. Something that was a success, I hope. If not - I need a place to stay. Back to regular updates tomorrow.

(Note to self : Work More)



My friend Sammy pointed this out.

The new Beyonce video, while also being beautiful, is very reminiscent of our recent trip to the beach for a photoshoot. But, I think we'll let it pass, as the video is worth the BETRAYAL.

(P.s. I've also just got a flat)
A drawing


I loved this song when it first came out, then I think I just forgot about it. Popjustice have reminded how good this band is - so I'm expressing my love on here. I particularly love the Addams Family-esque vibe the video has. One shot video? Always a winner.

I really hate it when spoilt suburban kids reference a 'ghetto' world they know nothing about and learnt about via Tyra Banks (i.e. me)- but this video is just a classic. The mother's face just gets me everytime.

So, so sad :(

A La Montagne

I decided to do an illustration. This time, a little different from what I'm accustomed to. It turned out nice in the end - maybe I'll explore this style more.


My 100th post in 2009! I'm already way, way ahead of my record for 2008. Well done me!


I'm working on it! The first draft is done. The pink was a printer accident. But I quite like it.

Do you like my room?


Bored Tuesday

Upside Down Madonna


I'd like to know when I ever went to see Hercules and Love Affair live? Because I'm sure that isn't me on stage with Kim Ann...

Unless I've been sleepwalking again?


Being home does have some benefits. The beautiful sunset being one of them. See examples above. I was trying to unleash my inner Crewdson here.