"But certainly the most mysterious object of all was what David called “The Magic Box.” This wood crate was stored under David’s bed until he died. The box contains a collection of symbolically loaded objects—toy bugs, skulls, target pins, flowers, rocks, soil, currency, and religious trading cards. Many of these figures appear again and again through David’s artwork. So in many senses the Magic Box seems like a mini museum or an archive of David’s feelings, filled with the personal artifacts, which infused his political rage."
Matt Wolf
"the subject can only know itself through another, but in the process of recognising itself and constituting its own self-consciousness it must overcome or annihilate the Other, otherwise it places its own existence at risk"

Waleed Beshty - Passages
"The final revelation is that lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of art."
The Decay of Lying, Oscar Wilde
Susan Hiller - Psi Girls

Susan Hiller - Witness
"To articulate the past historically does not mean to recognise it 'the way it was'. It means to seize hold of a memory as it flies by at a moment of danger."
Walter Benjamin