I was bored a few weeks ago, and decided to spruce up some of the New X-Men designs that have been lingering around since 2004-2006. I'm quite a big fan of the general group, apart from some obvious choices (Pixie? Bleurgh) Here they are, in all their scribbled glory.

Bling! - Notice how she wears a leather jacket and places her hands on her hips. This makes her full of attitude and also a (query) lesbian.
Blindfold - Introduced by Joss Whedon, she comes complete with his trademark 'Crazy Ramblings'. I do like that she has no eyes, and I liked that Young X-Men sexed her up.
Anole - His surly attitude in this picture was accidental - I know that he's normally quite cheerful. This is because he is GAY.
Surge - I always liked her 3/4 ghetto pants and boob tube. She just needs a good shake up in the hair department, I think.
Dust - You cannot change this design. Mainly because it's beautiful, a little bit because she's only got one 'look'
Hellion - Is he a jock? Is he more emo? I decided on a longer hairstyle, but I want to keep his ass of a personality and Hellfire inspired red get-up.
Rockslide - I just adore his green New X-Men uniform. I love the grey/green combo. I was tempted to switch back the Limbo magma look - but I think we'll leave that to Amara.
Trance - I love Trance. I want her to become the first fully fledged coward X-Man. I decided to give her a frisky mini-skirt, but I think this could be changed back to tights.

Mercury - Poor girl, she isn't happy with her mutation. But I want her to show it off. I think she should end up with some Speedo-inspired costume. But for now, it's more restrained.