This song is the perfect example of what I'm labelling 'self destruction'. Although the lyrics are taken from a heartfelt song, the treatment of the overall audio destroys everything that was human about it. It's all stripped back in favour of a heavy electro and vocals that are almost unrecognisable (something that I've always loved from Crystal Castles). But, saying this, I think emotion is still audible, it's just reflected through machines; and that's something unknown to the human mind. They've taken the action to destroy themselves and replace themselves with mechanical representations. Then in a true act of destruction, the song begins to cannabalise itself at 2.48 onwards, with the bare electro being ripped away in favour of (what I'd describe as) glittery white noise. Whatever it all means, I do love the song.
Even better, here, it seems as though the emotion has well and truly disappeared, instead replaced with something resembling a exorcism in a submarine. That's my opinion, anyway. I can't think of a better way to represent self destruction in audio.