“You are not who you think you are. This is just a temporary package that you’ve put together on this planet and it’s not to be taken seriously. You’re supposed to have fun with it. [Laughs] Now, that knowledge threatens a lot of people who are so invested in their identity as a Christian or a Jew or as a black or as white or male, female, this, that—all those things that we label ourselves, that we define ourselves by. Drag is the antithesis of that. It says you are spirit, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Don’t take the human experience too seriously. Some people are threatened by that, so it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous because if people accepted that message or really took it in, they would have to deconstruct who they are and a lot of people don’t have the processing tools to do that. A lot of people don’t have the guts to do that.”