It's snowing outside, so I can't go out. I can't even get a bus. So therefore, I have cabin fever and I want to smash my window. On the plus side, the snow does LOOK nice.

I'd like to point out that I hate snow, with a passion. It's a horrible type of weather - I much prefer a good blustery day. These are some reasons I dislike it;

  1. It's just pretty rain. It still gets you wet.
  2. I'm a prime target for snowballs. I might as well wear a bullseye.
  3. I fall over far too easily when it's slippery.
  4. The snow is too deep in some places. I'll probably fall in a deep pile and never reappear.
  5. It makes your face go red.
  6. Your fingers fall off.
But I do like looking at it.