Goodbye, Cruel World

So, I'm finally moving out of my London base and back home for a few weeks. Obviously, this means I have to move ALL of my junk (of which there is alot).

So far today, I have nearly broken my back at least 5 times trying to move boxes of books and magazines; uncovered a hideous white tack stain on the carpet and also discovered piles and piles of dust.

I have also found over 60, that's right, SIXTY plastic carrier bags stuffed around my room. That isn't even counting the countless amount under my bed. Being such a keen environmentalist, I find this discovery disturbing/sickening. Of course, I will be disposing of these monsters in the nearest recycling bin.

BUT on a lighter note - during my 11 month residence in this room, I decided to collect all my toilet roll tubes. Slightly disgusting, maybe, but I was curious to see how many I did actually use.

I have accumulated over 40 toilet roll tubes! If we do the math, that is 3.64 per month (over 11 months). Which is 0.91 a week! Disgusting, yet informative. These will also be going into a recycling bin!

See you back up north!