Delving into my cupboards at home before I move back to London - I found some pretty drawings from my teenage years. Escapism was key when I was about 13-14, I was obsessed by two things. 1. X-Men and 2. Theme Parks. I would spend hours sketching out plans for theme parks, then build them on RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (My favourite game of all time <3<3<3). I led a very, very sad teenage life...

This was my plan for 'DisneySea Spain' - at least that was what I wrote back then.

As you can see, I was quite detailed. This was only the map. I also had a detailed plan of rides, shops, places to eat and entertainment around the park. I also needed to get a life.

Here, have the list of rides that I had already had planned.

1- Tarzan's Swinger
2- Tarzan's Treehouse
3- Dock?
4- Rainforest Cafe
5- Jungle Cruise

1- The Boneyard
3- Countdown to Extinction
4- Primeval Whirl
5- Excavator

1- Jungle Trek
2- Expedition Everest
3- Mahajarah Expedition Rafts
4- Andanpur Theatre

1- a bug's land
2- It's Tough to Be a Bug
3- Pocahontas and her Forest Friends
4- Festival Forest Theatre
6- Rafiki's Planet Station

1- Kuzcotopia
2- Indiana Jones Adventure

1- Enchanted Tiki Temple
2- Journey to the Centre of the Earth
3- Kauna Loa Stage
4- Lilo's Landing