Is here. And so this blog is going to be printed. How it will be printed, I'm not so sure yet. But it will be printed!

When summer began, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve. This was the list.

  • A Job? Perhaps even an internship at some nice place. Offers are more than welcome.
  • Construction of a portfolio and/or website to showcase my WORK.
  • Find a BEAUTIFUL flat for me to live in. With large windows and white walls, preferably.
The first, a job, has not been completed. This will never be completed, as I am sadly, a total loser. I HAVE applied for a job at a magazine - something I would love ALOT. Hopefully I will hear something - but who knows?

I haven't made myself an actual portfolio (this requires far too many pennies) - I HAVE however, set up my very own website. Something that I recieved a lot of help with, something I'm grateful for. But I'm also very happy to actually have somewhere to showcase my work. (that's, for those not in the know).

And finally - the flat hunt ended with a triumphant success. I'm incredibly happy with my new place - I hope I make a lot of good memories here this year.

But enough self-centered babble; the summer blog is complete! Huzzah.