The text below was produced as part of a publication aimed to spark ideas for my final year of study. I’ve decided to post them here as a record of my work - and to hopefully receive feedback on some of the stronger ideas. I’m very willing to discuss any idea here and would love to chat about them, if you’re into that kind of deal. I know it’s pretty kinky. Enjoy!


As a continuation of what has occured this year, I really want to delve deeper into the cross between conceptual work and commerically viable design. I really think this has been born from the state of the industry outside of college – seen first hand in my internship.

Despite this, I really want to tackle conceptual work. As I said before, this year has given me much more conviction in my thought process; and now I do believe that I can approach my self initiated projects with enthusiasm. This also relates to my dissertation, as I do want to find a common ground between writing and my design work, as I really think it will strengthen both sides of my studies.

I’m also keen to approach more collaboration projects, perhaps even reaching out to other pathways of the course.

I’m heading towards third year with a huge amount of optimism and enthusiasm; I am looking forward to

tackling complex projects and working towards a strong individual body of work.



This project is inspired by the work of Gregory Crewdson. As a photographer, he is an expert at creating tension via unsettling imagery. His work focuses on ‘artefacts of narrative’ – that rather than reveal everything, only create more questions.

The intentions of this project are to explore the use of broken and abstract narrative in graphic design; to tackle subjects that instill questions in the ‘reader’ rather than providing all information freely. Because of this, the project could take any shape of form and really could result in anything.



Since moving to London, Elephant and Castle has truly become a home away from home. An area that is earmarked fordevelopment, but still seems to be resisting and thriving.

This project would be a love letter to Elephant & Castle. Any topic would be up for grabs, from transport, to people, to the buildings. It could be focused on one, or it could be a very targeted study of one section. One idea would be to also take the project out into the area, so it becomes an interactive piece for the people of the area; perhaps even as a ‘cultural time capsule’ that will survive the forthcoming gentrification of this amazing part of south London.



“What remains that we do not see?”

What is the soul? How has the soul been portrayed in graphic design and other media forms? How can it be explored visually? Is there a balance between the mind, the body and the soul?

These are the questions for this project - which all circle around the incredibly abstract concept of soul and spirituality. I find this topic to be incredibly interesting; especially when brought into the realm of art and design. This project aims to explore these portrayals of the soul and attempt to document similar concepts.

Could it be treated a purely scientific, information piece of design? Does science have any role in these topics? How much impact does photography have in the portrayal of the human soul?



“We are nothing without our image, without our projection. The spiritual hologram of who you choose to be; or rather, to become in the future.”

This project is inspired my dissertation topic. I am studying the phenomena of Lady Gaga and her use of performativity in her

percieved ‘art form’. The aim of this topic is to explore the lengths that the artist will go to to express their art. Artists such as Gaga, Cindy Sherman and Orlan will purposely destroy their own image in pursuit of another, more creative persona. Their identity manipulation has become an art form of it’s own.

This topic also relates closely to the previous project - in that it questions the impact that artforms such photography have on the human identity, and by extension, the human soul.

Is character construction really an art form? If you create your own character, are you destroying the ‘real’ you?