Where am I?

I'm currently on a train, hurtling through the Yorkshire countryside.

I'm going to do a rundown of all that happens during the whole/some of the trip - depending on how bored I get. Inspired by that thing I saw in the Baltic last summer.

It's 19.20. Some girl gave me a weird look and then wandered off to the buffet car.
She must have saw me and thought of food; decided to get fat and waddled off.

It's cold though. The train keeps going through fog, then sun, then fog.

There are some big chimneys on the left. There are some on the right as well; I've passed these many a time. I remember passing them when we got the coach to Paris last January - when the driver and his gay lover decided to ditch us for somebody more straight. (I presume).

That girl just came back. That was very fast. Good service, perhaps? Or she just had a pile of food pre ordered.

The Royksopp album has finished. Let me change it.

It's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs now.

End of Transmission one, I think.